This book was written by Mark, who was also known as John Mark. He was a young man in Jerusalem when Jesus was there, and he became a follower of Jesus. Later he was a companion of the apostle Paul and afterwards he assisted the apostle Peter. In this account of the life of Jesus he explains many Jewish words and customs, so it seems that he wrote it to help non-Jewish people who had become Christians.

In this book Mark tells more about what Jesus did than about what Jesus said. We see how Jesus did many miracles, healed many people, delivered many from the power of demons and forgave people’s sins. These actions show the authority of Jesus as the one who had come from God to give his life to set people free from the power of sin.

Mark tells the story of Jesus’ life and work beginning with his baptism by John. He describes in detail the last days before the crucifixion of Jesus, and he ends with a brief account of Jesus’ resurrection and ascension into heaven.

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